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PRODAT software development

yearlong experience benefits the development of your application

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  • special user software
  • business software
  • real time operating systems
  • compiler
  • porting
  • simulation and evaluation software

Since formation PRODAT develops in this product branch custom-designed software. It has extensive experience in the areas of real time operation system development, compiler building, porting and software design.

PRODAT uses always the newest development environments and tools to find fast, efficient cost effective solutions. Development and implementation accord to certified methods.

An example is the real time operation System PRODAT RCOS® with complete development environment (debugger, c compiler, cross compiler, linker, ported for different processor architectures. PRODAT RCOS® finds its application in industrial pcs caused by its extreme run stability, the available libraries and the comfortable development environment PRODAT RCOS®. The real time operation has been licensed by well-known hardware manufactures and is advancing to meet the needs of new processor generations.

PRODAT also develops special simulation and evaluation software, that are used in the areas of force measurement and sensors.

Of course, PRODAT also has the know-how of developing custom-made database applications and business software. Best examples are the products PRODAT Makler and PRODAT Auftrag.




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