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PRODAT Informatik GmbH
Johannisthaler Str.7
01996 Hosena (OT Senftenberg)
+49 35756 60247


Dr. Manfred Sauer

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Amtsgericht Cottbus HRB 0051

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The content of this web site serves informative purposes only and is not binding. PRODAT endeavours that all information on this web site is accurate. However, PRODAT does not guarantee that the information is complete, accurate, faultless, useful for a certain purpose or available at any time. PRODAT also reserves the right to change or to delete the information from the web site without announcement. PRODAT is not liable for damages, irrespective of their nature, incurred by the use or the non-use of the information, except where PRODAT has caused the damage intentionally.

PRODAT’s web site partly contains links to third parties’ web pages. PRODAT is not responsible for the content or the existence of third parties’ web pages and is, especially as long as PRODAT does not have positive knowledge of their contents, not liable for damages, irrespective of their nature, incurred by the use or the non-use of third parties’ web pages.

PRODAT regularly controls whether the data offered by PRODAT on the web site, and especially the offered software, is fraught with viruses or other similar damaging characteristics. However, PRODAT is not liable for damages, irrespective of their nature, incurred by viruses, Trojan Horses or other damaging characteristics, except where PRODAT acted by intent or gross negligence or where PRODAT, in case of a contract, has violated cardinal contractual obligations. PRODAT’s liability is limited to typical and fore-seeable damages. The liability resulting from the German Product Liability Act is not affected by this.

The copyright of all contents on this web site created by PRODAT is exclusively reserved for PRODAT. It is prohibited to copy or otherwise use these contents, especially information, graphics or sounds, in any form without the written consent of PRODAT.

PRODAT does not intentionally infringe copyrights of third parties. However, PRODAT cannot generally guarantee that copyrights of third parties are not infringed. Apart from that, please note that third party’s web pages on to which this web site links may be protected by copyrights.

PRODAT owns especially the trademarks PRODAT, Visolux, Varicont, Pulscon and Barcon. Without the written consent of PRODAT, its trademarks cannot be used.

PRODAT guarantees to observe the regulations of the German Data Protection Acts in their valid version. Usually, the web site of PRODAT can be visited without having to give personal data. In this case PRODAT stores the IP-address, the date of the visit, the operating page of the user, the browser used and the web page which the user visited before the web site of PRODAT.

PRODAT collects, processes or uses personal data only as far as the user reveals it and if it is necessary for the constitution, organization in content or the alteration of a contract.

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