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brake force measurement

if buying a system isn't economical PRODAT provides this service to its customers

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general information

The Brake-Force Measurement System BKM is designed for determination of brake-forces on any kind of train brakes. For the measurement the system is temporarily inserted between brake pads and train wheel. The acting brake forces as well as braking system pressures (if required) are continueasly measured, recorded and will be provided in a qualified protocol (digital and printed) after the inspection service. World wide measurement services are possible, nevertheless the company is located in Germany and travel expenses increase, for this cases PRODAT offers a system training for users and customers can rent PRODATs systems.


  • Good calibration qualities
  • Fast system calibration
  • Measurement of brake-forces possible in test room without driving
  • During the measurement the vehicle is available for other operations/scrutinies

Examples for measurement services at customer sites

PRODAT BKM Vor Ort Messung




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