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 Bogie testing plantDerailing safety, riding quality, wear-and-tear behavior...

... are primarily determined by wheel-load differences on the vehicle and the bogies. In order to comply with the specified tolerances for the wheel load differences of the entire vehicle, it is necessary to check bogies for minimal wheel load differences and eliminate impermissible deviations by adjustment of the spring pre-stressing. For these measurements and adjustment work, the bogie is to be located at the bearing points with the constructive or bearing forces of the freight- car body technically measured in the bogie tester.



  • complete plant building or refitting sets in existing facilities with measurement computer as well as all measurement and control components
  • self diagnosis system for error recognition
  • computer controlled sequence of testing and adjustment processes
  • easy adjustment work of the given technological sequences and vehicular data by flexible software
  • automatic control of measurement and loading operations on the basis of direct digital regulation
  • minimum maintenance needed
  • option: high accuracy determination of bogie geometrics e.g. axle differences


force unitThe bogie tester consists of the hydraulic aggregate, machine computer and MSR component groups, including the laser-optical measurement unit.

  • measurement track
  • pressure framework
  • hydraulic unit for load application
  • measurement control
  • option: geometric measurement system

measurement track

The bogie to be inspected is set onto the measurement track. Run on bearings and spring bedded articulation-guided measurement tracks for the measurement of wheel-loads, are arranged on load cells on the measurement track.

pressure framework

It traverses the measurement track. Hydraulic cylinders for stressing of the bogie, are arranged vertically on the pressure framework. The two outer cylinders can be adjusted to be diagonal to the track corresponding to the interval of the outer support bearing on the boogie; the middle cylinder is attached fast.

measurement computer

The computer consists of an LCD operator’s terminal, process entry for force and pressure, process output for servo-valves and control of the hydraulic aggregate as well as interface [building] groups for peripheral devices and networking, e.g. an attached printer. After starting the test procedure, the bogie is loaded according to the theoretical values via DDC. Upon exceeding the permissible wheel-load differences in the bogie, load alleviation, setting and loading repeat themselves cyclically. At the conclusion of the inspection procedure, an inspection protocol is drafted and the bogie data is filed in a databank.
Beside the programs for the inspection processes, the software includes the operational complexes of an operating system with integrated monitoring of the flawless operation, diagnosis for all operational complexes, calibration of the measurement chains and processed volume regulation.
The laser-optical measurement unit detects the axle positioning as well as the height setting of the bogie during the process.

option: geometric measurement system

Since test processes whether required by law or by company guidelines may also require the measurement of geometric bogie values PRODATs testing plants can be equipped with a geometric measurement system. The devices enables three-dimensional measurements of coordinats with very high accuracy.


Bogie Test Plant Example
Bogie Test Plant Example Bogie Testing Plant Example


bogie testing plants, bogie test banches, bogie quality control and test systems, modularized, wheel load, test, geometric, measurements satisfying: DIN 27201, DIN EN 16235, measurement system in accordance to DIN ISO EN 7500-1,





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